Enjoying every moments in the States =)

Enjoying every moments in the States =)

31 July 2014

Precia is 3 mth old!

Precia turned 3 mth old yst! She still slping 6-7 hrs at night, falling aslp at 8plus pm with garreth before she wakes up for milk with no crying since 2 mths old. She sleeps more compared to garreth in the day & drink milk at interval of 4-4&ahalf hours. She's a very relax happy baby i believe while garreth is happy active baby. She loves people talking to her & she simply smiles so much! She seldom really cry & i gave her a routine since newborn & i'm the one who take care of her so that makes everything really easy :) thanks for being such a happy great girl! 

U r awesome the way u r! Stay happy & healthy always! Love u so much, my princess! 

While for garreth, he always giving me his widest smile when i pick him up frm sch. Saying " i love u, mommy" & giving me a kiss everyday without fail. He gets naughtier & dont listen when others r ard since he wants some attention but when he is with me & just meimei..he listens to me.. He loves to sayang meimei but he likes to shout loudly when she's alseep sometimes to wake her up. He asked y meimei slp so much. Haha. I guess she just wants her to be awake at times. 

01 July 2014

Precia turns 2 months old on 30/6/14

Happy 2 months old to our dearest sweetheart! Cant believe that u r almost slping thr the night. Only waking up 6-7 hrs later for ur first night feed & slp back right after milk after falling aslp at 830pm. Truly another angel of us isnt it. Thanks for giving back my beauty slp for the time being.. I hope i can turn back my body clock asap too. Haha. Enjoying this precious baby moments w her so much, the gurgle/coo & her smile just melt me everytime.Love u lots baobei! 

Our smiley girl 
Went for 2 mth old pd check up, u r growing up well & can lift ur head steadily!

Simply Mommy's everything <3

11 June 2014

Mommy of 2!

Had been the longest time since i wrote here.. Getting lazier & busier of cos.. ha..

Little princess Precia came to this world on 30 April 2014... Another dream fulfilled of wanting to have a son & a daughter after wanting to visit maldives & done it.. lol.. Thinking of it makes me really want to travel. Well gotta wait a lil longer for now.. haha. A little sister for Garreth as companion.. He is dd well as a big bro... When she cry, he will say okok dun cry, garreth is here & sayang her head.. He will disturb her at times though.. when he wants my attention he will ask me to read books for him or do something with him..

Since its our 2nd baby, everything seem really easier & kind of pro. Haha. Precia is dd so well.. eat slp poo play. Bfeeding her n its 3-5hrs intervals for milktime :) our lil angel & hope it stays on. Haha. 

Just that i keep having migranes this time round..wondered y.. However overall is gd. 

Garreth is still the same.. loves learning & always amazed by his great memory.. He can rem what he learnt in sch & tell us..He knows all his numbers, spelling from one to ten, alphabets & able to read simple book. He sure loves by so many ppl.. grandparents, aunts/uncles & my friends.. Spoilt alil bit.lol

He is turning 3 in 2 days time.. Time really flies.. He's such a big boy now..

Precia is 6 wks old! 

Well mommy just loves the both of u so much! Seeing both of u really melt my heart every single time! Stay happy & healthy always! :) 

My complete family <3

27 March 2014

Back in sg...

Back in sg... lucky when we just got back, the weather was awesome but its getting hotter as usual & with limited rainfall..

Am 34 weeks preggie already.. haha.. Garreth is gg to be a big bro in few wks time.. He's always touch my tummy, said hi meimei..gorgor love u & recently he said, wait for meimei to come out, we go for holiday ok.. haha.. i guess he's missing all the rdtrips we had in usa.. lol. i really feel like gg for a holiday too.. hee.. like mother like son isn't it.

Went to river safari on my bday! We sure had fun:) 

Some coldness in sg. 2 degree ice art:)

06 November 2013

Been sometime.. =)

Realised i haven been updating for the longest time.. haha.. yeah getting lazy. lol..

Yeah i'm with my 2nd one... Yeah we planned for it as we wanted a companion for our precious boy..

I'm sure he will be the best bro ever..

Well Garreth starting wearing underwear to school, not only at home & no accidents anymore.. he takes out & wear back his own underwear & pants.. Gd job garreth! diaper free at 28mths. =)

He's really so independent, dd almost everything himself.. teachers always says he's so amazing.. learning things really fast..smart & great memory.. We r really so proud of u. Becos of u, i finally find my purpose in life... is to be the best mother ever. =) I always study for the sake of study, wrking for the sake of wrking. i always duno wd i want in life.. but finally i know what i really want.. Thanks to my precious boy.. Making me smile every moments.. making me really a happy one.. Just watching you & hearing you talk made my day.. Being your mother is the best thing that ever happen to me other than having the best hubby too.. hee.

The really special connection of mother & son love for each other.. Whenever he drink water, he will take my water btl to me.. he opened the door first & he will hold the door for me to come in.. He hug & kiss me.. saying he love me & so much so much more..came to hold my hand & Always doing little things for me. I'm really blessed to have the sweetest son like you.. simply mommy's everything..

Really glad to be able to see you grow from a baby to a toddler.. Teaching u the way we want u to be.. The best 2 yrs in usa... 3 more mths.. will be back to sg.. Hope u will continue to stay awesome, healthy & happy... =)

Gg for a short trip for disney on ice... Alright update again...

21 June 2013

Some tots..

After watching 96 degree cafe & feel like blogging. lol.. Cant believe i used just few days to finish up the show. Hubby not in thats y.. i can watch when garreth is having his noon nap & when he's aslp at night.. Still waiting for im in charge to load though.. Hub wil be back tmr! =) 

Well realised i had been blogging mostly abt Garreth already.. He has become part of me & my everything. haha.. He's simply our greatest joy & hope he will be happy, healthy, safe & sound always! He can make us mad at times though.. hope "the terrible 2" that ppl says wont be so bad afterall. lol. 

Sometimes i wish i can be even better in everything. I think everybody will be very good in certain thing... but i cant seem to find"mine". lol.  hmm.. everything i did is on average. I just know that life is just abt being happy, enjoy to the fullest & treat everyone the best i can. Sometimes i just dont know how to express myself well, & will tend to live in my own world at times cos its the safest and most peaceful place on earth.. lol.. Keeping quiet is actually better den saying anything wrong actually.. Well just hope i can be more confident in myself... Jyjy! =) Always remind myself that nothing else really matters when i have the best families, hubby, son & frens ard me.. =) 

Had been gg out w de wives for bf n walking ard after the kids went to sch.. We have 3hrs b4 fetching them home for lunch & nap time. We ate Ajs, Grindes, Wingers, n mac.. lol. Walked ard n ya spend $$$.. haha.. lol.. The things here r too cheap & definitely cant resist buying. Im so addicted to online still. Had popeyes for dinner w some of the wives, chatted & really Lol..  we went walking ard at bx.. Will be gg subway w them tmr for lunch. Enjoyed myself w them like i did w the grp of wives that went back to sg.. =) However i still do miss the time w them lots.. so many common topics and we can even chat on the phone for hours.. lol.. 

Well Sg haze is so bad, my sis said its like BBQin the whole day.. hmm definitely blessed to be here & garreth gets to enjoy himself with playgrd, driving his car & playing w de kids at the outdoor.. Hope the haze will clear soon & families/friends back home will be fine.. 

Alright update again.. 

14 June 2013

Garreth turns 2!

Happy 2nd birthday precious, Garreth Kum! Nothing beats the joy of seeing u grow. Able to spend every moments w u made me felt really blessed n glad to have a great son like u. Stay happy & healthy always! We love u so much!  Am sure u gonna love the pressies that we got for u many months back but only give them to u today

Did a simple steamboat celebration/ cake cutting w frens here for Garreth b4 hub off for tdy. Got cupcakes for him to celebrate in sch too.. He definitely enjoyed himself. Appreciated for all the ang paos & gifts.. We got him piano & lego, he played them so much for now. 

Oh no, i think i am getting lazier to write blog already. haha. i guess i will just copy n paste frm fb. 

Garreth started his new school & he loved it so much.. Teachers said he's dd really great! Am really glad to see him learning well & enjoying too. He did his first painting today.. Did father's card by putting the glitters n stickers himself.

There's one day, told him we gonna sent lunch for daddy & he got himself ready by bringing one of the bag, wearing his cap n putting on his croc shoe within sec. 

Singing well now. lol. Having him singing along the nursery rhymes with me when i am driving makes me such a happy mom.. 

While having lunch with garreth.. Since its soup-based, its still alil hot after he blew, so he said, "mommy blow" n den he will eat it.. Not long after, there's a bird that flew to our yard.. Garreth scooped a mouthful, pointed to the bird & said, " give bird eat".. So sweet of him of wanting to share his lunch with the bird.

He started to express himself so much.. Like to follow what i say & do as usual. 

Jus becos he ate all the hotdog on the fried rice & said he's full.. left a few mouthful of rice & doesn't want to eat.. Share yogurt w him, he fed me instead of me feeding him.. tsk tsk..lol..

In usa but watching lots of sg dramas. lol. watching im in charge & 96degree cafe now.. hehe.. =) Did New york/niagara falls photo book yst.. Yeah another to do list done.. =) 

Alrite update again.